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Full UK Talk Group List

Full World Wide Talk Group List

  DMR Slot 1 - Talk Groups
  DMR Slot 2 - Talk Groups
  TG 9 = Local RF
  TG 9 = Enhanced Talk Groups (Dial-a-TG/Reflectors
  Static TG 235  Phoenix Call
  Static TG 23510  South East
  Static TG 80 UK WIDE 1   Static TG 23427  FreeDMR UK AllStar 29177 via TG9
  Static TG 81 UK WIDE 2
  Static TG 801  Phoenix South East
  Static TG 82 UK WIDE 3
  Static TG 83 UK WIDE 4
  Static TG 84 UK WIDE 5
  All Talk Groups User Activated


  If you call a Talk Group and it
  is not used for 10min it will disconnect.




  If you call a Talk Group and it
  is not used for 10min it will disconnect.
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  Due to the Antenna location.
  DMR will cover up to - Lewis Road = Elm Grove & London Road = CoOp
  BH covers both areas, so as it drops out then BH takes over and the other way round.
  Seafront from Newhaven Hill to Worthing.
  Kemp Town, Queens Park, Brighton Center to Hove Train Station.
  (Other areas not tested yet)

  The two repeaters (BH & BC) complement each other very nicely, alloying a great coverage for Brighton.
  Roaming should work on both Repeaters. 

Private Call

Private call via a repeater does not mean that others can not listen in.
Newer radios can listen in, so be aware of what you say over the air.
All Amateur Radios rules apply when using Private Call.










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