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 BrandMeister Reflectors List Different ways to update Firmware on DVMega
 TyMD380Toolz Manual MD-390GPSoperation 
Raspberry Pi useful Phone Apps Talk Group FREE Mode on a HYTERA Radio via DV
Hytera-How-to-Convert-Old-Codeplugs-for-Newer-Radios Multiple DMR BrandMeister ID Numbers
Hytera can send “Radio Alias” Hytera Code Plug Changer - Hex Edit
How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on MD380 How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on CS750
How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on Hytera 78x  How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on CS580
How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on Mototrbo Lock your Phone to a single app – BlueDV
 BlueDv app via Ser2net on Raspberry Pi Lock your Tablet to a single app – BlueDV
BlueDv-aprs-chat  BlueDV Android App locked to Screen
Hytera IP Dispatch Software User Manual Linking to Reflectors
Hytera Receiving Talker Alias Sending APRS Text & Talker Alias
OpenSpot 5000 Command  OpenSpot Turn off Talk Alias
BlueDv Turn off Talk Alias MMDVMhost Turn off Talk Alias
DV4mini Raspberry Pi Brandmeister XTG Dialer TOT - Radio Timeout Timer
Running Brandmeister XTG on Windows 10  BM Security Features
TyMD380Toolz how to use Document Run Two OpenSpots on One GL Router
Anytone D868UV Edit CSV with OpenOffice Anytone AT-D868UV Settings on PiStar
Run BlueDV multiple times on one PC BrandMeister Last Heard Option
Hotspot Users BER rate  Playing with Pi-Star
  Anytone User Data Base
  Anytone DMR 868 GPS / APRS
Voice message User blocked  UK Brandmeister Repeater list
26th September 2018 
   Private Call
Motorola GPS / APRS settings Anytone Analog 878/878plus APRS
Hytera GPS / APRS settings Anytone 878 Sending / Receive Talker Alias
Voice message Access Denied DMR is like making a phone call
Linking to Gateway Dynamic Talk Groups Make a WiKI page for your Repeater or Gateway
















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