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UK Hotspot Frequencies
434.000 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot

438.800 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot


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For the UK on a Hotspot

Make up a channel with a contact 9 (TG9) as GROUP CALL in your code plug.
Also a 4000 - Disconnect for TG & Ref (TG4000) (Add to contacts as Group Call then make a channel up) 

To link and unlink the reflector.

Do a Manual Dial -
Go to Menu - Contact - Manual Dial - enter reflector number 4xxx - transmit for 1 second.
The repeater should respond with a voice announcement, "Connect to reflector 4xxx".
Then go back to Talk Group 9 to make a QSO.


Program the radio with the Reflector number as a PRIVATE CALL in contacts.

To link to a reflector.
Select the reflector number from the contacts list and transmit for about 1 second.
The repeater should respond with a voice announcement, "Connect to reflector 4xxx".
Then go back to Talk Group 9 to make a QSO.

To unlink select 4000 from the contacts list, transmit for about 1 second, and you should hear a voice announcement "Reflector Disconnected".

To enquire about the reflector link status call 5000 (Add to Contact as Private Call), and the repeater will respond with the currently linked reflector.

Echo/Parrot on UK Master via Ref 9990 on TS-1 or TS-2. (Add to Contact as Private Call)
Echo/Parrot on Irish Master Echo/Parrot is on 272997 on TS-1 or TS-2

4400 - UK Call
4401 - Chat 1
4402 - Chat 2
4403 - Chat 3
4404 - Ireland
4405 - Scotland   
4407 - Wales
4410 - S.West
4411 - S.East
4412 - North West
4414 - Ireland Chat
4415 - Scotland Chat
4416 - North East
4417 - Wales Chat
4418 - W.Midlands
4419 - E.Midlands 
4420 - Wires X Room 27753
4426 - Allstar Link
4429 - TEST

Link to Current UK Brandmeister Reflector List

Using Talk Groups For Hotspots

1st you need to add the Talk Group to contacts as a GROUP CALL
(2350 - Group Call)
Make up a channel for each Talk Group you wish to use.
Add each channel to a Zone List.
Turn radio to required ZONE and channel.
Now you can TX in that Talk Group.


You can use use Contacts – Manual Dial – Group Call – Enter Talk Group Number – Push PTT and Talk.
NOT all radios offers this feature

Brandmeister World Wide TGs & Reflectors

2nd World Wide TGs & Reflectors list

On-line Shops to buy from
Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd.

Registration page for Digital Voice Services.
You will need to register your Callsign to use DMR & D-Star



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