Access Talk Groups on Brandmeister

TOT (Radio Timeout Timer) Must be set to 180s
Admit Criteria/TX Permit Etc = should be Channel Free or Same Color Code - "Never set to Always"

1st you need to add the Talk Group to contacts as a GROUP CALL
(907 - Group Call)
(91  - Group Call)
(4000 - Group Call)
Make up a channel for each Talk Group you wish to use.
Add each channel to a Zone List.
Turn radio to required ZONE and channel.
TX to open that Talk Group.
Now you can TX and RX in that Talk Group.

4000 - "Group Call" Disconnect from TG

Brandmeister World Wide Talk Groups



You can use use Contacts – Manual Dial – Group Call – Enter Talk Group Number – Push PTT and Talk.
NOT all radios offers this feature 











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