Access Talk Groups on Brandmeister

TOT (Radio Timeout Timer) Must be set to 180s
Admit Criteria/TX Permit Etc = should be Channel Free or Same Color Code - "Never set to Always"

1st you need to add the Talk Group to contacts as a GROUP CALL
(907 - Group Call)
(91  - Group Call)
(4000 - Group Call)
Make up a channel for each Talk Group you wish to use.
Add each channel to a Zone List.
Turn radio to required ZONE and channel.
TX to open that Talk Group.
Now you can TX and RX in that Talk Group.

4000 - "Group Call" Disconnect from TG & Ref

Brandmeister World Wide TGs & Reflectors



You can use use Contacts – Manual Dial – Group Call – Enter Talk Group Number – Push PTT and Talk.
NOT all radios offers this feature 



Ref   TG       Area
4400 TG2350 UK
4401 TG2351 Chat
4402 TG2352 Chat
4403 TG2353 Chat
4404 TG2354 Ireland
4405 TG2355 Scotland
4407 TG2357 Wales
4409 TG2359 Kernow
4410 TG23500 S.West
4411 TG23510 S.East
4412 TG23520 North West
4414 TG23540 Ireland Chat
4415 TG23550 Scotland Chat
4416 TG23560 North East
4417 TG23570 Wales Chat
4418 TG23580 W.Midlands
4420 TG23522 Wires X
4419 TG23590 E.Midlands
4426 TG23526 AllStar