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Brandmeister Talkgroups & Download Hotspot Offset Calibration
Brandmeister Dash Board PDF Files
Text Message on Brandmeister DMR Users Database
Brandmeister XTG Dialer (DV4Mini) Online Text Message
Lock your phone to a single app – BlueDV BlueDV Setup
Lock your Tablet to a single app – BlueDV Multiple DMR BrandMeister ID Numbers
BlueDV Android App locked to Screen OpenSpot
BlueDv-aprs-chat Linking to BM Reflectors
Extended Routing for DV4mini UK Grid Reference Finder
DMR Contact Manager Programming Tytera MD-380
ZumSpot Videos on setup ZumSpot Case For Raspberrypi Zero W
Pi-Star Download ZUMspot Raspberry Pi Info and Setup
433MHz Antenna Helical Raspberry Pi Battery Pack
Hytera CPS & Firmware BM Talk Groups
BrandMeister Talkgroup List - PiStar Anytone 868/878/578 DMR Database
DMR ID Lookup  
HT_ContactDB_Creator ver. 1.5 No-IP DUC on Raspberry Pi
PiStar SSH Update DVMega Hotspot OLED Wiring
NXDN Amateur Radio Network How to obtain an NXDN ID
BM Most Active Talkgroups BrandMeister DMR Nets Nets from around the world
MD380/90 Password How to Access Reflectors
How to Access Talk Groups BrandMeister API keys
GB3GF CSV Tools HotSpot Access Anytone 868 - Firmware for V1 and V2 radios
Hotspots Find DMR Repeater
Nextion Screens - Design & Code DMR tutorial
Brandmeister APRS Playing with Pi-Star
Hotspot Users BER rate Sending Talker Alias
IPSC2-PhoenixF Toys TGIF Group
The Guide to DMR in the UK TGIF.Network Forum
How to create an XLX/XRF D-Star Reflector     and -> Github source code













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