Brighton GB7BC

 Mixed Mode Repeater


  D-Star   DMR Slot 1 - Talk Groups
  DMR Slot 2 - Reflectors

  Reflector - DCS005 S

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  DTMF Commands

  DCS005 Dashboard

  DCS Reflectors link

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  YSF Fusion

  Reflector - Not Linked

  YSF Reflector List

  FCS Reflector List
  No Fusion Wires-X.
  But you access -
  YSF and FCS the same way
  Do Not buy a Fusion radio.

  This is just for testing, for now

    Fusion = Testing
    P25 = Not offered
    NXDN = Not offered

  TG 9 Local  = GB7BC & GB7BH
  TG 23510 = Ref 4411 South East

  All TGs User Activated

  List of Brandmeister Talk Groups
  That can be used on Slot 1


  How to Access Talk Groups

  UK Last Heard Dashboard

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  TG 9  =  4411 by default.

  User Activated Reflectors
  Click on Name for Last Heard Page
  4400 - UK Wide
  4401 - Chat 1
  4402 - Chat 2
  4403 - Chat 3
  4404 - Ireland
  4405 - Scotland  
  4407 - Wales
  4409 - YSF - Fusion SW UK
  4410 - S.West
  4411 - S.East
  4412 - North West
  4414 - Ireland Chat
  4415 - Scotland Chat
  4416 - North East
  4417 - Wales Chat
  4418 - W.Midlands
  4419 - E.Midlands
  4420 - YSF - Fusion
  4426 - Allstar Link
  4429 - TEST
  4000 - Disconnect
  4639 - TG91 World Wide

  UK Last Heard Dashboard

  How to Link to BM Reflectors

  All Brandmeister Reflectors

GB7BC Live Dashboard



  If you move the reflector and it
  is not used for 15min it will
  return back to 4411 

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  Due to the Antenna location.
  DMR will cover up to - Lewis Road = Elm Grove & London Road = CoOp
  BH covers both areas, so as it drops out then BH takes over and the other way round.
  Seafront from Newhaven Hill to Worthing.
  Kemp Town, Queens Park, Brighton Center to Hove Train Station.
  (Other areas not tested yet)

  The two repeaters (BH & BC) complement each other very nicely, alloying a great coverage for Brighton.
  As both will be linked on Slot 1 TG9 local, this means most of Brighton can now talk to each other.
  Roaming should work on both Repeaters. (Not tested)

  Only one mode will work at any given time.
  If DMR is being used D-Star is locked out
  If D-Star is being used DMR is locked out
  So Please play nice.