Brandmeister Repeaters South

Brandmeister UK Repeaters

DMR Text Message

DMR ID You only need one ID number.
For Hotspots take your 7 Dig ID number and add 01, 02, 03 etc to make a 9 dig ID
Do Not do Private call via a Repeater as it ties up the slot so others can not use.
TOT (Radio Timeout Timer) Must be set to 180s
3 second pause should be left before you reply.
Admit Criteria/TX Permit Etc = should be Channel Free or Same Color Code "Never set to Always"

Download Codeplugs by Ian G0TJH

United Kingdom Talk Group Map

Time Slot 1
Repeaters RX ONLY

GB7BH = Static (LH) (FB)

GB7KB = Static (LH) (LDB)

GB7BN = Static (LH) (FB) (LDB)

GB7KD = Static (LH) (FB) (LDB)

GB7NF = Static (LH) (FB) (LDB)


BM UK Wiki page



Time Slot 1 (Talk Groups)
Repeaters RX & TX

GB7BC = Static (LH) (LDB) (FB) (Web)

GB7MH = Static (LH) (Web)

GB7SO = Static (LH) (FB)

GB7CO = Static (LH)

GB7FR = Static (LH) (FB) (Web)

GB7EG = Static (LH)



 English Speaking Talk Groups on Brandmeister

 List of Brandmeister Talk Groups.


LH = Last Heard Repeater dash board
FB = Facebook
LDB = Live Dash Board
Web = Website

Time Slot 2 (Talk Groups)
All Repeaters RX & TX 

235   - UK Call - QSY to 2351 or 2352
2350 - UK & Phoenix - QSY to 2353

2351 - Chat 1
2352 - Chat 2
2353 - Chat 3
2354 - Ireland
2355 - Scotland
2356 - Wales
2357 - Isle of Man
2358 - London
2359 - Kernow

23500 - S.West
23510 - S.East  (D-Star DCS005S)
23520 - North West
23530 - Yorkshire
23540 - Ireland Chat
23550 - Scotland Chat
23560 - North East
23570 - Wales Chat
23580 - W. Midlands

23590 - E. Midlands
23490 - E. Anglia
4000   - Disconnect

List of all UK Talk Groups

Red Talk Groups linked to Phoenix

To unlink select 4000 from the contacts list, transmit for about 1 second.

Echo/Parrot on UK Master via Ref 9990 on TS-1 or TS-2. (Add to Contact as Private Call)
Echo/Parrot on Irish Master Echo/Parrot is on 272997 on TS-1 or TS-2


BrandMeister DMR UK - Facebook Links - BrandMeister DMR UK-IRL


4000 Disconnect

Added in contacts
4000 as a Group Call will discontent Talk Groups
4000 will not Disconnect Static Talk Groups

Private Call

Private call via a repeater does not mean that others can not listen in.
Newer radios can listen in, so be aware of what you say over the air.
All Amateur Radios rules apply when using Private Call.

Radio Timeout Timer

TOT (Radio Timeout Timer) Must be set to 180s

This is set to 180 seconds so Repeaters, Bridges etc do not time out.

When you talk past 180s and the Repeaters, Bridges etc time out and they stop receiving you.
They think you have stopped your TX and replay back but both sides miss each others QSO.

This also applies if you use a hotspot and the other party is on a Repeater or Bridge.

So please always set your TOT to 180 seconds
A 3 minute maximum QSO is a long over. Also lets others replay back.

Why 180 ??

1. When you open a Reflector ie 4401. You will not hear anything until the 1st over is finished and the next one starts.
The longest you should have to wait is 180s or less

2. If some talks longer that 180s and the reply does a quick key, repeaters might not have reset and will continue till it
hits 240s and then drops out and your left talking to yourself.
If one talks for 180 and the next quick keys and talks for 60s then un keys. Then the repeaters reset but
nothing was loss between users.

3. This is why at the end of an over a 3 to 5 sec gap should be left so repeaters, bridges, can reset.
Also lets other break in

4. Using a Hotspot and you have TOT set to Always and you talk on any reflector that is linked to a repeater and talk over
240s that repeater drops out and they think you have finished and replay. Both sides no longer talking to each other.
This is happen on a daily basses and they keep blaming the network, when it is user error.

5. Having Mixed mode repeaters set to unlimited means the other mods can be locked out.
Also bridges will drop out as they also have time outs set.

6. If a repeater gets into a loop or stuck. It should stop all TX at 240s and reset.


 United Kingdom Talk Groups BrandMeister













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