Hytera GPS / APRS settings on BM via a DV device

Hytera GPS Configuration

The following instructions are for configuring the Hytera GPS models of radio to allow the GPS position to be manually beaconed and checked on http://aprs.fi

You use the Hytera CPS Software to configure the GPS settings.


Step 1

In Conventional, Accessories, and GPS enter a tick to select.

In Conventional, Accessories, and GPS Data Compression, ensure this is unchecked.

To prevent your GPS position being beaconed over the network ensure this is not ticked in Conventional, Accessories, and Quick GPS.



Step 2

In Conventional, Accessories, and GPS Trigger choose the Button option so that your GPS Position is only beaconed when the programmed button is pressed.



Step 3

Setup the GPS setting in the Conventional, General Settings, Network, Radio Services and in the RRS & GPS Radio ID which you should enter the numbers
234999 for UK Master



Step 4

You now need to set the Data Bearer Services which can be found under the Conventional, Digital Common, Basic menu. In the Miscellaneous section you will find the Data Bearer Service which you must select as



Step 5

There is two fields in each memory channel – the
Select the option SELECTED in these two fields for each channel.


Step 6
Brandmeister SelfCare settings
Set Brand option to Hytera (With in call GPS).
Set APRS Callsign to xxxxx-9
Set APRS Icon


If you do not have an account make one up.

Step 7
After installing the updated code plug.
Select the channel with the GPS and press
GPS Trigger Button.