DVMega on DMR+ with MMDVMhost

- Use latest MMDVMhost for Raspberry Pi from https://github.com/g4klx/MMDVMHost

2nd - MMDVM-options.txt
The options that you may set are:
StartRef ..... The reflector which will be connected at startup (4000 means "disconnected")
RelinkTime ..... If the reflector is not used the DMR-Master will reconnect to StartRef after this time (in minutes)
UserLink ..... Set to 1 to allow users to change the reflector, set to 0 to switch remote control off
TS1_1 to TS1_5 .. 1 to 5 static linked talk groups on timeslot 1

The command line in the sample MMDVM.ini looks like this:

In older sample files it may be missing, add it after the last entry of the block which starts with [DMR Network].

Change the line to this format:

The line starts with "Options=". This is required for MMDVMHost.
The rest of the line is sent transparent to the DMR+Master.
In the sample above the DMR-Master will get this part:


It is a semi-colon separated list of the options which were described before.
- Each command has to be followed by a semicolon ";". Do not forget this at the last one.
- The name of the parameters are case-sensitive. The order does not care.
- Not all parameters need to be present, missing parameters are set from the settings in the DMR-Master.
- The values may be empty if you want to make sure that values from the DMR-Master settings will be cleared.
Example: If the DMR-master provides 5 static talk groups the parameter TS1_5=; (no value) will clear the 5th.

Special limitations for DMO mode (DVMega):

There are not 2 timeslots in DMO-Mode, therefore the settings are limited.

DMR-Master maps the single DMO channel to one of the 2 timeslot of the network based on the destination address.
- 1-3 digits are always talk groups which are all mapped to TS1.
- An exception is TG9 which is always mapped to TS2.
- 4 digits are used for reflector switching, services and control features and are always mapped to TS2.

This influences the options.
By default a DMO repeater will be connected to a reflector, either given by the DMR-Master, or by options, or by registration database.
If you do not want to connect to a reflector at startup, but want to book a talk group on TS1, set StartRef to 4000 (not linked) in the options and set "TG1_1" to your needs.
The DMR+Master will book "TG1_1" if no reflector is set.
"TG1_2" to "TG1_5" are not supported in DMO mode.

Priority of settings:
- For public repeaters with a 6-digit DMR-ID the DMR+settings in the registration database - if activated - have highest priority.
- For all repeaters which have no settings in the database activated the "options" in the MMDVM.ini have priority.
- Finally, without database entry and without the options being activated, or not all parameters set, the settings from the DMR-Master will be used.

The idea with this order is:
Many public repeaters are located at special locations with limited access and often sysops are no Linux experts.
Therefore the configuration on a web-page may be preferred for public repeaters.
Database settings may easily be switched off if sysops prefer settings by MMDVM "options".
Any comments are welcome.

When you connect to a non-DMR+System deactivate the Options line please by inserting a # at the 1st position.

3rd - Masters (USA NorthEast) (USA NE-VA) (USA Florida) (USA FL-KP4TR) (USA Spanish4370) (IT-Master) (Phoenix-C) (More info on this link)
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