D-Star Channel and DTMF Commands


Add into the memory (
DCS005BL - REF001CL - XRF001BL )

Make sure that GB7xx B and G both have -
GB7xx(s)(s)B and GB7xx(s)(s)G
(s) = Space
By the way, the "A" is on 1.2 GHz, the "B" port is for 70cm, and the "C" port is for 2m. 
So if you set RPT1 for "KE7LKX B", that would be the 70cm

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U = Unlink (Unlink should be done before moving to new reflector)
I  = Info (Tells you what reflector your on)
E = Echo (Echo test your radio for quality signal, connection)

DTMF on a MMDVM, Repeater and Pi-Star hot spot you can change Reflectors with the keypad using DTMF tones.
Here’s how.
Press PTT and then Press # this will unlink you from your current reflector.
To connect to new reflector for example REF001c
Press PTT and then press *1C
A-B-C-D are the top 4 buttons
REF030C = *30C
For DCS Reflectors start with D
DCS005B = D5B
For XRF start with B
XRF012A = B12A
You do need to have the CQCQCQ in the radio as if you were talking on a reflector for this to work.
It makes changing reflector fast and easy.
If you press 0 it will tell you what reflector you are connected to.